About Earth Wisdom

About Earth Wisdom

We offer the study and practice of the Medicine Wheels that are part of the Origin Teachings of the Delicate Lodge, an ancient bundle of Earth Wisdom that has its roots in the indigenous cultures of the Americas.

These Earth Wisdom teachings offer us a powerful way to live; to walk in balance and peace within the Self, deeply connected with the Mother Earth and all her creatures, with respect for ourselves, each other and all of Life.

This is known amongst the indigenous people of North America as ‘The Beauty Way’.

The Beauty Way offers a practical, grounded spiritual path that opens our hearts, expands our consciousness and brings us into deeper connection with our higher selves and a sense of oneness with the Universe. The tools and practices of this tradition bring self knowledge, foster self respect and self authority…

The ancient wisdom of the Medicine Wheels is universal, for all people, and it brings us healing and wholeness, for the past, the present and the future generations to come.

Sharing with you, the beauty of earth wisdom teachings from the Americas.