Lammas Medicine Day, with Sweat Lodge. July 23rd 2017

It is such a privilege to be able to share these amazing Wisdom Seed teachings with you.


Lammas Medicine Day, with Sweat Lodge. July 23rd 2017

A day to come together as a circle to celebrate Lammas, the old Celtic fire festival,  and participate in a sacred sweat lodge ceremony.

Lammas marks the time of full growth in the plant world, cereal crops having gained their maximum height, and the beginning of harvest. In Saxon times the festival was celebrated with the first loaf made from the freshly harvested wheat. The traditional date is now August 2nd, though the Lammas fairs and festivities lasted several weeks.

Lughnasadh is also  the feast of the Sun god Lugh, and the time of honouring the Corn Mother, as she gives birth to the Grain Child. Fires were lit on hill tops across the land to celebrate this important time, of gathering in food for the winter and spring, and the promise of next year’s harvest held in the seeds. The power and warmth of the Sun has blessed the land, and the crops have come forth from the body of the Mother Earth

This is a time to honour this creative dance of the sacred masculine (symbolised by the Sun) and the sacred feminine ( the Earth) in all things and in all humans. It is a mystery, as sacred dance: the Dance of Creation. In our world we see that there has been a long history of imbalance between the masculine and feminine energies, and much healing is needed, both between the men and women, and within ourselves.

The SweatLodge itself is a beautiful example of the dance of the Feminine and the Masculine, and the balance between them. When we enter the Lodge we are returning to the Womb, reawakening our relationship with the Mother Earth, while outside is the Fire heating the rocks, the creative and passionate energy of Sun held in the wood from the trees.

In this ceremony, we will inquire into some important questions:
“What is the authentic expression of our feminine energy?”
“What is the authentic expression of our masculine energies?”
“How do these two energies dance and make love in us?”
“What does the balanced feminine and the balanced masculine look like, within us and between men and women?”

We will spend the day together as a circle, sharing from our hearts, and working together to prepare for ceremony. In the afternoon we will carry wood and water, prepare the fire and cover the lodge. The ceremony area is beautifully situated in the Luddenden valley,  close to the river, and to the woods, where we can go for quiet reflective time while the rocks are heating up in the fire. In the early evening we enter the lodge for purification, prayer and song. Afterwards we will come together again as a circle and share our experience, relax and have a feast.
The day is led by Sue Goodwin, StarJaguar, assisted by Michelle, WhiteWinged HorseWoman. Both are experienced in the sweat lodge tradition, and have trained for many years in the way of the medicine wheels.
Cost is £50 (full wage or equivalent) or £40 (low wage) . We also offer 2 free  places in exchange for work ( ie. gardening and care of lodge blankets) Please enquire about this if you want to reserve one of these places.
Time: 12 noon till 9pm ish.
Venue: Luddenden Lane, Luddendenfoot, near Halifax, West Yorkshire
Places are limited so early booking is recommended.
You can reserve a place by transferring the fee, or a deposit of £20 to:    Ms S P Goodwin, 01-03-99, 47893990
Please be sure to reference the transfer with LAMMAS , and send me an email so I can watch for your payment, and confirm your place with an orientation email.
For enquiries and boookings: Contact Sue Goodwin, StarJaguar, on 07748356152, or

Sharing with you, the beauty of earth wisdom teachings from the Americas.