Power and Potential: a Women’s Ceremony March 24th 2018

It is such a privilege to be able to share these amazing Wisdom Seed teachings with you.


Power and Potential: a Women’s Ceremony March 24th 2018

What’s needed to reclaim your power as a woman?

What’s needed to live into more of your potential this year ?

We live in a new era in the collective journey as women, transforming our lives and our culture into one that is more nurturing, heart inspired and affirming of our true power, and that reflects our feminine values. The old ones have prophesised this and called it the time of the Great Turning, when the power of women is rising once more.

As women, we carry an important gift, an innate power, sometimes referred to as Corn Mother. This is the power of bringing forward life, whether we become physical mothers or not. Pulling from the past all that is of sacred and Holy, many of us feel our hearts called towards co-creating a new future of beauty, a new dream for humanity.

Alongside this desire to live into our potential we oftentimes struggle with our old stories of limitation and pain, that have shaped our sense of who we are. We may feel stuck in old habits and self concepts about who we are, that diminish our sense of our true value as women, and shrink our sense of what is possible.

This day in ceremony will afford us time to reflect deeply on what is needed to bring ourselves into a higher stae of consciousness, gain insight on what may be holding us back, so we can move into our next ring of evolutionary growth. We will reflect on our values, to see the place we hold as women now. As a circle of women, we will explore the Medicine Wheel as a mirror of the Sacred Self, taking us to a deeper understanding of who we really are as women, as we step into this new era. We will spend time with Mother Earth, to hear her wisdom.To sit with the fire, to be by the river, to feel the ground beneath our feet and the wind in our hair will nuture us as we gently inquiry into what is needed to grow into more of our potential and step more fully into our power as women.

Together, in ceremony we will renew our commitment to growing into more of our potential and power as women. Harnessing the power of intention will help us move forward towards our future possibilities.

Please note: This ceremony will provide an  introduction to the teachings. for those interested in the possibility of joining a year long Women’s Medicine Wheel Training.  This will begin when a new circle of women is ready, later this year or next Spring. Further introductory ceremonies will follow.

‘Power and Potential’

Date: March 24th 2018

Time: 10am till 6pm

Venue: The Heart Centre, Booth, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Cost: £60 (includes refreshments and lunch) . Some concessionary places are available, on application.

How to book and pay:

To secure your place please send via direct bank transfer the fee of £60, or a £30 non-returnable deposit, to: S P Goodwin, Sort code: 05 04 59 , A/C no 35951533

Please be sure to reference the transfer with Power and Potential, and send an email so I can watch for your payment and contact you with your confirmation and an orientation email.

For enquiries and boookings: Contact Sue Goodwin, StarJaguar, on 07748356152, or suegoodwin99@gmail.com







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