Women’s Beauty Way Apprenticeship: a Learning Journey with the Medicine Wheels

It is such a privilege to be able to share these amazing Wisdom Seed teachings with you.

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Women’s Beauty Way Apprenticeship: a Learning Journey with the Medicine Wheels

Women’s Beauty Way Apprenticeship
A year long circle learning journey with the Medicine Wheels of the Delicate Lodge tradition, beginning March 2016

It has been in my dreaming for a while now to offer another training in the spiritual pathway known as the Beauty Way. This is a unique and rare opportunity to learn the medicine wheels of the Delicate Lodge, an earth wisdom tradition with its origins in the Mayan and pre Mayan peoples of Central America. As far as I am aware there is only one other teacher in the UK offering anything like this training, and there is no one else offering a women’s learning journey.

I will be welcoming 8 women to go on an in-depth, intense study of the medicine wheels, tools and concepts of the Delicate Lodge tradition, beginning in March 2016, and completing in March 2017. The year-long journey will provide learning opportunities and support so that the wisdom of the wheels can be incorporated on a deep level and taken into daily life. These teachings bring transforamtion, balance and healing,and expand the Self towards full potential of the 8 Power Shields that are innate in each of us humans.

We will be building a grounded relationship with the elemental powers of nature and the 8 directions of the medicine wheel, through personal exploration and practices.We will also be learning tools for community life and how to work harmoniously with others while maintaining our own self-authority. Each woman will be working intensely in her own circle of self, receiving personal guidance from me, and support and shared learning from the circle.


The training will consist of 4 weekend teaching ceremonies  (friday 6pm to sunday 4pm)and a final completion weekend with a sweat lodge ceremony. These 5  weekends will take place once every quarter, beginning in early March 2016 and completing in March 2017. The venue is the Heart Centre, Coach House, Dean House Lane, Luddenden,Halifax HX2 6RF

1. March 11-13th 2016
2. June 10-12th
3.September 9-11th
4.November 25-27th
5. March 11-13th 2017

In between ceremonies there will be 12 monthly assignments, designed to help you integrate the teachings and practices, and take them into your daily life. There will also be a personal meeting or skype call with me between ceremonies for individual support and guidance with your work. Provision will be made for the circle to keep in contact between ceremonie, for support and shared learning.

The cost of the training is £900. This fee includes all tuition, food and share of venue costs for 5 ceremonies, and the personal mentoring sessions. It does not include overnight accomodation, as to keep costs down the weekends will not be residential, though we will spend as much time together as we can.
Payment will be by a deposit  (£120)  and  then 12 monthly payments of  £65, or other arrangements to suit personal circumstances.


This training will require commitment, perseverence, and the self-discipline to stay focused on how you take the teachings into your daily life and work with the practices.

As a participant you will be required to:
Commit to self training and the learning circle
Attend the 5 ceremony weekends
Make at least 3 to 4 hours available for your medicine work each week
Keep in contact with other learners through an on-line ‘lodge’ and a buddy system.
Complete monthly assignments and give a written report of your learning, by email by the dates agreed.

Introductory  Free Teaching Session

I am offering, free of charge, a preparatory teaching and a sample learning assignment about the Sacred 20 Count, the basis of the medicine wheels. If you are interested in the training but unsure of what is involved I invite you to take up this offer. You can contact me through this site, or on 07748356152 0r 01422-881388


‘ There is so much depth and beauty in the teachings of the Delicate Lodge.I have found them hugely supportative during difficult times, and they have also helped me to grow my self-awareness, my therapeutic work and to grow myself in the three years I have been studying them with Sue StarJaguar’. Sam, former apprentice.

I am very excited to be offering this training at this time. Please get in touch if you are interested.

With love and respect,
Sue StarJaguar


Sharing with you, the beauty of earth wisdom teachings from the Americas.