Join us for an experiential weekend of Nature Connection and Sacred Ceremony, with Flower Essences, Plant Spirit Healing, Shamanic Journeying, and Meditation.  

Come and explore what's needed for the nourishment, healing and opening of your emotional and spiritual heart.

  • What do we each need to awaken the natural wisdom, love, joy and courage of our hearts?
  • What stops us from trusting our hearts to guide and inspire us in everyday life?
  • How can we best resource our hearts to feel a deeper sense of connection with our inner being, one another, and the natural world?

We invite you to join us for Medicine Ways for the Heart: Plant Consciousness Retreat. A spacious weekend of physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment where the Heart will be at the centre of all our explorations. 

We will gather together as a small community of seekers, in sacred ceremony collectively deepening into heartfelt presence from early evening on Friday 25th May until late afternoon on Sunday 27th May.  

Guided meditations and shamanic journeys will take us on a journey into the spiritual heart. Through connection with the land and the heart of nature, and alliance with the gifts of plant allies and flower essences, we will find the healing and personal medicine we need to soothe and open our hearts.

Throughout the weekend, you will deepen your connection with your own spiritual heart centre, and gather the personal medicine you need from the experiential learning, practices and resources that we will share, from the plants themselves, and from the land that holds us.

Why are we offering this retreat? 

Individually and collectively our hearts are calling us to wake up, inviting us to live in greater connection with all of Life. At this potent moment in human consciousness, listening to and tending our hearts is both revolutionary and evolutionary. In our own lives, in our healing work, and in the world around us, we are very aware of the need to live with an awakened heart, to heal what has closed our hearts in the past, and to be well-resourced to meet the daily challenge of keeping our hearts open. We live in an extra-ordinary time in the collective journey of humankind, and many of us feel the yearning to transform our lives and our culture into one that is more nurturing, compassionate, heart-inspired and honouring of Life. At the same time, many of us are feeling increasingly anxious and fearful at the state of the world, with its increasing level of problems. We face political, social, economic, and ecological crises, each severe, and furthermore all these problems are happening simultaneously! Living with such a high level of crisis, trauma and uncertainty is impacting our nervous, glandular and immune systems and, not surprisingly our hearts. There is an increase in both heart disease and anxiety related heart problems, such as palpitations and heart beat irregularities.

Perhaps our hearts are waking us up?

Perhaps our hearts are waking us up to our predicament that the earth we love, the earth that sustains us is being threatened? Perhaps our hearts are calling us home to receive the medicine and inspiration we need to birth a very different kind of world?  

It is increasingly obvious that the personal and collective challenges we are facing cannot be met by the mind alone. We need to engage the highest level of heart intelligence to awaken the consciousness of the heart and respond in the best way we can with our highest capabilities and values.  

This is an exciting time of heart awakening and we are being invited to listen deeply to what our hearts are needing, and what they are yearning to bring forth, both individually and collectively.  

Do we have the courage to keep turning towards our hearts, offering our loving presence and compassionate awareness to all the tender, closed and under-nourished places in our hearts? 

Collectively, what could we create if we each choose to meet life with our heartfelt presence?

Are we ready to reawaken our natural love, wisdom and joy to co-create a more nurturing, compassionate, heart-inspired world? 

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The challenge of heart awakening

The heart has an infinite capacity for love, presence, tenderness, joy, wisdom, appreciation and connection yet we live in a world that has been focused on developing the qualities of the mind more than the qualities of the heart.  

In modern Western society, we have been brought up, and educated, to trust our rational minds more than our feeling hearts, so we lose touch with the deep wisdom of the heart and feel uncertain about our decisions and our purpose.  

We end up living in our heads instead of our hearts and this can leave us feeling disconnected and empty. 

We know something is missing but can’t quite put our fingers on what so we fill the gap with work, addictions, possessions and keeping busy. 

At a very deep level, we are all yearning for love and belonging, but if we grow up absorbing the message that love is something we get from other people instead of something that resides within our own hearts we will never feel satisfied with the amount of love we receive. This impacts on our relationships with others and our own sense of worth.  

It is usually our relationships with others that expose the most tender places in our hearts. Often times we have been very open-hearted and then got hurt so we put barriers around our hearts to protect us from feeling further pain. 

Yet if we are protecting our hearts from feeling pain, we are unable to experience true emotional intimacy and belonging. Indeed, it can be difficult to feel anything at all with a defended heart so we lose our passion and joy.  

In the course of our lives we may experience grief, abandonment or betrayal and been so overwhelmed by our feelings that the only way to cope was to push our emotions to one side rather than face the pain and allow our vulnerability.  

All of this is entirely normal, and entirely human! 

It is the challenge and the invitation of the awakening heart to feel what our hearts are holding. Indeed, it is the challenge and invitation of this potent moment in human consciousness to collectively turn towards our hearts once again.

What happens when we bring loving awareness to our hearts? What happens when we awaken the spiritual heart?

When we learn to listen to our hearts and offer them our full presence and awareness, life can become a devotional practice. We truly learn what it means to live from the heart and we experience life as an adventure infused with love, belonging, joy, appreciation, passion and inner knowing.

We experience love and belonging

By turning towards our hearts once more, we experience a deeper sense of connection with our true essence which is LOVE. 

We remember that we are beloved so we feel more love and more loved. 

We remember that we belong to Love and all of Life so we have a greater sense of meaningful connection with our own soul, other people and nature.

We feel more compassionate

We learn how to meet all of our feelings and experiences with a greater sense of compassion. Instead of judging or turning away from our own hearts or other people when difficult situations arise, we expand our capacity to be present with what is here. 

Often it is ourselves we need to forgive most of all, and that becomes easier when we get in the habit of meeting what’s in our hearts with true compassion.  

We live with more appreciation

Appreciation and gratitude are qualities that open our hearts, and as we practice them our capacity for living more fully in the present moment grows. 

This has a positive effect on our wellbeing and brings heart and mind together, aligning us with the creative force of the universe. 

Many people see appreciation as a key quality for experiencing greater abundance, joy and flow.

We trust our inner knowing

Your heart is your inner compass so when you trust the inner knowing of your heart it will guide you to life-birthing choices and situations that honour your soul. 

Research states that the heart has a much stronger capacity for manifesting than the brain, so by listening to and acting upon the guidance from our hearts we step into the lives we are here to live with more clarity, purpose and ease.

Join us for a weekend devoted to reconnection with your heart and the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

During this weekend of heart-full presence, we humbly offer what has helped us on our own journey of living with open and trusting hearts. 

We want you to leave with your heart feeling nurtured, uplifted, well-resourced, and alive with Life-affirming possibilities.

When: Friday 25th May 5pm until Sunday 27th May 2017 5pm. 

Where: The Gathering Fields, Swainshead Hall Farm, Over Wyresdale, Nr Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 9DN

By car: Just off the M6 between Preston and the southern Lake District. 

By train: Lancaster (2 hrs 25 mins from London, 2 hrs from Glasgow, 1 hr from Manchester, 15 mins from Preston) then taxi or lift share to retreat venue.

'Medicine Ways for the Heart' Plant Consciousness Retreat gives you:

  • Full weekend of group teachings from two experienced facilitators. 
  • 2 nights accommodation in lovingly crafted bunkhouse or a pitch for your tent in the paddock. 
  • Vibrant nourishing home-cooked vegetarian meals & drinks each day, starting with a hearty meal on Friday evening and finishing with afternoon tea on Sunday. 
  • Party bags worth £30 to take away containing heart nurturing resources including flower essence, herbal tea, herbs and other beautiful surprises.
  • 10 CPD points for holistic therapists.

Weekend price: £180-£280. 

There are 2 concessionary places available at £180, early bird places at £230 if booked & paid in part or full by 23rd April. Otherwise places are offered at £280.

A deposit of £100 secures your place. 

We'll send you the booking form and payment details when you sign up for more information below. 

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Your guides for the weekend are Sue StarJaguar and Jackie Stewart


I have always been passionate about plants and their healing properties. I became a qualified medical herbalist in 1983, and have been in practice ever since. My heart-longing to help my clients beyond just treating at the physical level, has led me to study flower essences, crystals, and various shamanic healing techniques including Plant Spirit Medicine, a way of chanelling the spirits of the plants.  

Parallel with this journey, has been my own search for self understanding, self-healing, and connection with Spirit. This eventually led me to train in the indigenous Earth Wisdom teachings of the Delicate Lodge. I have a deep love of sharing these transformtional teachings and practices of the Medicine Wheel, and have been offering ceremonies and ceremonial sweat lodges to the community where I live in the Calder Valley, for several years.  

In my personal life, grief and heart break have been profound teachers for me, and have opened me up spiritually and taken me into deeper connection with my myself and Life. I now have a deep trust that our suffering can be fuel for our awakening, and that it is in the messy dark places of our humanity that we find most potential fuel for our growth. I have found great power in sharing my vulnerability, and have accessed resources of strength I never knew I had. I have received the gift of being able to sit with others who are in deep pain, and give solace and comfort.  

I replenish myself by spend time gardening, watching birds, and hanging out with my cats. I love dancing, singing and drumming, meditating and yoga....and eating cake!


I believe that during our lives we are offered many initiations of the heart; inviting us to turn inwards to awaken our infinite capacity for love, compassion, belonging and deep knowing.  

Through my personal experiences with illness, heartbreak and grief my heart has been broken open again and again teaching me about the vulnerability and strength of the human heart. 

I've learnt that Love never abandons us, and through deepening the relationship with our tender human hearts we discover our source of love, joy, inspiration and connection. I’ve learnt to put heart before head to make choices that make my soul sing, and have absolute faith in the power of knowing within our hearts.

The family legend goes that I could name every plant in our garden long before I started school, and flowers have always filled my heart with joy so working with flower essences feels like the most natural thing in the world! 

I've been working with flower and crystal essences for almost 20 years, teach a professional essence practitioner diploma in the north of England, lead soul-nourishing workshops, hold sacred space in one-to-one sessions and publish the Bach Flower Spirit Cards. 

At my happiest outside in nature, in sacred ceremony and exploring spiritual practice I’m overjoyed to be co-creating this blissful weekend of heart-enriching experiences to share with you.