An Article: Star Woman Falling to Earth

According to ancient earth wisdom teachings from the pre-Mayan cultures of Central America, humans spun down from the realm of light, through the grace of Star Woman falling to Earth. This story forms the basis of many creation myths in different traditions around the world.

Historically, during a time of great darkness upon the Earth, nearly 1000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, there was born on Thunder Mountain in the Americas, a man known as the Pale One (also referred to as The Peacemaker or Luminous One). He was fair skinned and born of a woman who knew no man. The birth of this man had been foreseen by the people and was taken as a special blessing, that the child was seed from the stars, coming again to quicken the mind of right relationship in the hearts of the people. The Pale One was the bringer of light at a time of great darkness. He came to teach the people how to live once more in harmony with the natural elements and powers of the Universe, and gave them practices involving prayerful communion with those angelic beings who are the gatekeepers of consciousness (sometimes referred to as the ‘Adawees’), and communal ceremonies based on the cycles of sun, moon, the movement of the stars, and awareness of multiple worlds beyond.
These ancient teachings have been passed down through 27 generations of the Ywahoo Lineage of the Eastern Cherokee people of North America.

The 27th generation lineage holder is the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo who lives at Sunray Peace Village in Vermont. Her seminal book ‘Voices of our Ancestors’ sits on many a bookshelf across the country.

Of the ancient teachings held within the Ywahoo lineage, there is a dance known as the Dance of the Directions. Penetrating and life changing insight into the light of clear mind can be awakened through regular practice of this dance. The Dance of the Directions can help us on a road to self-discover, and much more. It can help us clear, repair and strengthen the subtle pathways in the body/mind, connect deeply with the Universe, and rekindle the light of clear mind. This dance is performed for the benefit of all beings in this and all worlds.

At this time, we are at a choice-point for humanity, and a time of great ‘evolutionary leaps in consciousness’. An awareness of our natural state of luminosity, through regular practice of this dance, can open gateways to our vast potential, and help us generate an ever expanding field of harmonic resolution in the on-going dance of life. Realizations arising from this unfolding awareness are essential components on any journey of peace and harmony (often referred to as ‘The Beauty Way’).

We are so blessed that these ancient teachings have recently arrived on the shores of our beautiful island, England, and that the benefits of these ancient practices are accessible to so many.

Andrew is authorised, by Sunray Meditation Society and the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, to teach the Dance of the Directions. Telephone number: 07813-532544.

Sharing with you, the beauty of earth wisdom teachings from the Americas.