Dreaming Ourselves Anew: A Women’s Imbolc Ceremony February 3rd 2018

It is such a privilege to be able to share these amazing Wisdom Seed teachings with you.

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Dreaming Ourselves Anew: A Women’s Imbolc Ceremony February 3rd 2018


 A day for women to come and dream together in circle, aligning with and celebrating the special energy of Imbolc.

In this ceremony we will listen to our hearts’ wisdom. We will explore the new vision of ourselves in 2018, that is now quickening after the dreaming of winter.This is an opportunity to take stock of where we are now, and renew our commitment to ourselves and to Life, and to our growth and transformation in the new cycle.

 Imbolc is an old Celtic ceremony, at the beginning of February, that celebrates the movement of new Life in the dark womb of Mother Earth, in response to the increased daylight. We, and our plant and animal relatives, are slowly awakening from the dark dreaming time of winter. It is a time of snowdrops, baby lambs and the first green shoots and leaves emerging from their slumber.

In the Medicine Wheel tradition of the Delicate Lodge, this quickening takes place in the third of the winter dreaming moons, a time when we introspect, listen and dream. It isa time to explore our new possibilities for growth, arising from the seeds of our winter dreaming. We begin to feel the impulse to action as these dream seeds of our future self begin to stirr and humm.

  • What new vision of myself am I dreaming for 2018?  What new vision for our community, and our world am I dreaming?

  • What is my heart longing to express, to give and to receive?

  • What do I yearn to heal and transform in myself, and in my world?

This ceremony will be an opportunity to explore these questions. We will listen deeply to our hearts and the messages coming from Mother Life, who wants each of us to grow, to unfold our Beauty and live our fullest expression. We can then re-awaken our commitment to ourselves, and empower our intentions for our journey into the year.

The day will most likely include a medicine walk, art work, personal and group ceremony, singing and heart sharings in a circle. The exact content of this ceremony is still being dreamt!


Date: Febuary 3rd 2018

Time: 10am till 6pm

Venue: The Heart Centre, Booth, near Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Cost: £60 (includes refreshments and lunch) . Some concessionary places are available, on application.

How to book and pay:

To secure your place please send via direct bank transfer the fee of £60, or a £30 non-returnable deposit, to: S P Goodwin, Sort code: 05 04 59 , A/C no 35951533

Please be sure to reference the transfer with Dreaming Ourselves Anew, and send an email so I can watch for your payment and contact you with your confirmation and an orientation email.

For enquiries and boookings: Contact Sue Goodwin, StarJaguar, on 07748356152, or suegoodwin99@gmail.com







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