Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

Sweat Lodge Ceremonies

The SweatLodge is a beautiful and deep healing ceremony, of ancient origin. It is common to many cultures throughout the world, though best known as the North American Indian ceremony, known as ‘Inipi ‘ to the Sioux people which means ‘to live again’.When we enter the Lodge we are returning to the womb, reawakening our relationship with the Mother Earth, and reconnecting in a deep way with the universal powers that support Life. The ceremony brings cleansing and healing to our Spirit, Body, Heart and Emotions, and brings us transformation and renewal at a deep level, so we can express our full potential and be more of who we really are in our daily lives and ‘live again’.

Sweat Lodge Events



‘I feel it is a great honour and blessing to have beeen involved in these amazing gatherings. A beautiful mixture of wise words and sharings; natural intimate experiences whilst preparing and taking part in sweat lodge ceremony; simply being together with other warrior women and co-creating our future.’Maria T

The way that Sue holds the sweatlodge is remarkable. We all took part in the construction and deconstruction of the lodge which was so empowering for me. There was a point during the sweat where I felt a personal challenge and Sue helped me through that in a most supportative and gentle way. I felt amazing afterwards!S.G., Sheffield

“I don’t think there was anyone there at the weekend who was taken by surprise as to the power of the Sweat Lodge than I was. I’m deeply grateful for the “acceptance” of me when I first arrived in a really grumpy mood. There was true “medicine” and coming together as One.I felt changed and in a different space when I left (transformed).
It was good to be reminded that we are supposed to be Free and Feral and Earth Keepers and Healers, I was with great examples.”Anne, Ilkley

Sharing with you, the beauty of earth wisdom teachings from the Americas.