Dance of the Directions

Dance of the Directions

This Dance keeps clear the channels within the body, allows us to resonate with the pulse beat of the Earth that we may resonate with the land itself, and helps awaken the Light of Clear Mind within the Heart of all Things.

The Dance of the Directions is taught as authorised by the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, and is based on exercises and dances taught to her by Eli Ywahoo, Eonah Fisher, Nellie Ywahoo.

The Dance of the Directions can help us on this road to self-discover, and much more. It can help open subtle pathways beyond our rational thinking mind, and take an active part in co-creating the world we yearn for.

Sue Goodwin and Andrew Broadhead have recently been authorised by Angelika Salberg (a Minister of Sunray Meditation Society for the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo) to teach this Beautiful dance practice.

For more information on the Dance of the Directions, the origins of the teachings, and much more, you can visit the website of SUNRAY MEDITATION SOCIETY.

There is a small group of us practicing the Dance in Devon and we are both available to teach the Dance (Sue in Hebden Bridge and Andrew in Exeter) to small groups of self-authorising people wishing to receive these beautiful teachings. Please ask.

Or, feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.


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For me, the Dance of the Directions is a profound way to connect with the movement of all Life. As I move and turn to face each new direction, the Dance leads me into an embodied movement of prayer, through which I also receive so much. I am deeply grateful to have the presence of the Dance in my life and for all the teachings I have been given through the practice of it.Sue, Devon

“Every time I Dance the Directions…….sensing it’s power, beauty, and importance for myself and my ever expanding community.”Tracey, Exeter


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Sharing with you, the beauty of earth wisdom teachings from the Americas.