Discipline of Peace

Discipline of Peace

Explore with us, the various ways of attaining Inner or ‘First’ Peace.

The Discipline of Peace is a way to experience peace within your Self. Its roots are in the indigenous wisdom teachings of the Americas and are accessible to all people, from whatever cultural ethnic or religious background.

It offers eight principles and simple practices that are doorways to expanded consciousness.

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The realization of peace within your Self opens the doorway to creating peace in our personal relationship, within our communities, and in the World.

The expanded states of consciousness of the Discipline of Peace are each based on one direction of the 8-segmented Medicine Wheel, beginning in the EAST and sun-wise around the Medicine Wheel. For each of the eight expanded states of consciousness there is a corresponding underlying Principle together with an associated Practice that helps us explore these different states.

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The Principles are…

NORTH-WEST - the universal relationship of co-creation exists through cause and effect NORTH - universal truth informs right action NORTH-EAST - all things are born of Woman
WEST - the darkness in the holy womb of life contains all light EAST - Spirit as light emanates life force
SOUTH-WEST the essence of identity is embedded in cellular memory SOUTH - Wholeness is only experienced through diversity SOUTH-EAST - True presence is the doorway to the Great Mystery


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Sharing with you, the beauty of earth wisdom teachings from the Americas.