Womens’ Circles

Womens’ Circles

Women have been gathering in circles, since time began, to share their experiences, to nurture, support and empower each other.

At this time in our history, which some old prophesies refer to as ‘the Great Turning’, we are being called to re-awaken the power of the feminine and tap into our ancient female wisdom, for the healing and transformation of our world, which is so desperately out of balance. Standing together as women for the our feminine values of love, co-operation, compassion we can make a powerful difference.

Here in the Calder Valley, in West Yorkshire, we have had a women’s medicine circle since January 2012. We hold regular ceremonies, including sweat lodge and seasonal ceremonies, which are open to all women.Together we have created a web of support and sisterhood, that nourishes us all, and whose influence moves out into our community and beyond.

Gathering together in sacred ceremonial space we are learning to:

  • open our hearts
  • empower ourselves
  • heal the wounds of the feminine
  • respect and value our own unique contribution
  • make space for our dreams
  • nurture ourselves, honouring all our our needs
  • live our lives in a more sacred way, aware of the sacredness of all of life, honouring the Earth as our Mother

We hope you will join us in our circle.

Women’s Circle Events


‘Being part of the Women’s Medicine Circle, learning and sharing together, has had a profound effect on me. I feel I know and trust myself, I feel more confident and daring and see others far more in terms of their capabilty and power than before. I am a more hopeful and trusting person through the experiences I have taken part in. I thoroughly recommend this journey to all women.’H.L., Hebden Bridge

Since starting to attend the Medicine ceremonies with Sue I have become more acutely aware of the importance of nourishment overall: that is, nourishing the spirit, the heart and the mind, and the body. I give a lot of energy to my children, and it can be easy to put personal, spiritual needs and dreams to one side. I am learning that when you nourish yourself in these different aspects, you give more light to those around you. Sue creates a safe and sacred space to share stories, to listen and be listened to, and to learn about the Medicine work. I am seeing the positive changes taking place in my life as a result of coming to these ceremonies.L.B.

“A few years ago I started attending the medicine days organised by Sue… from the very first I felt welcome and accepted. I’ve always founds the day extremely fruitful, giving me time and space to contemplate where my life was at at the time.
The medicine Sue has offered has always been very thought provoking. I really appreciate how she is able to bring her wisdom in such an open-minded way. I have never felt I had to be, feel, think a particular way at all. Whatever I brought, was, felt, was OK and beautiful, respected and appreciated. Each ceremony has brought me new ways of thinking to take forward into my life. Thank you so much Sue for bringing all this beauty and wisdom, openness and love into our lives.”NW, Hebden Bridge

“The women’s medicine circle warmly welcomed me last year with open arms into their trusting and loving family… I have found the same warm and welcoming energy present in all the events attended.
There is a structure to the teachings, a transfer of knowledge, a sharing of ideas and feelings that allows me to feel comfortable being me and confident that everything shared was bound with integrity and confidentiality by those present. I learnt so much, laughed and cried, and felt very grateful for the space I had been given within a set of boundaries, clearly set out by Sue.

I have integrated the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the teachings and activities that have been part of the workshops. This has helped me and supported me in my everyday life.”Teresa, Hebden Bridge

Sharing with you, the beauty of earth wisdom teachings from the Americas.